who we are 2

Our goal is to rationally explore concepts of spirituality and the societal and economic circumstances that influence our beliefs. This website serves as a platform for people to come together to think critically about the many different  belief systems that shape who we are and how we see the world. It is through careful exploration of these concepts that we aim to demonstrate a reasonable side to faith.

  • We believe in the existence of a single God who can be known through various forms of revelation. We believe that the existence and nature of God can be known through personal experience, studying the natural world, and through reason.
  • We are not a Christian ministry. We are a platform focused on facilitating rational discourse on the subject of faith, spirituality, and philosophy of religion. We welcome all viewpoints so long as they are articulated rationally and respectfully.
  • While we acknowledge the importance and universality of various spiritual philosophies, we do not hold that all theological worldviews are valid or that their doctrines are universally true.

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